Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's Using Her Noodle!

More summer fun in the sun with the Red Dog and friends:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Retail Glory

What, you may ask, exactly does a "Glorious Retail Experience" look like? Well, you are indeed in luck as our intrepid camera team was on the scene as the Red Dog visited some of her very favorite subjects at one of her very favorite stores: Agri Feed! You will marvel at the variety of supplies as well as the friendliness of the staff throughout this most marvelous establishment. Bask in the reflected glow that is Shiva, the Red Dog as she dances through the aisles and into your hearts!

Hello Again

While the Red Dog is busy gallivanting about the neighborhood enjoying her summer, she has not forgotten about you, her dear bloggy friends. She thinks of you often and encourages Mr. Man to write stuff about her to you. One of her most favorite experiences in life is hanging-out with her little friends, especially her "cousin" Olivia. On a recent visit, Miss Olivia was kind enough to allow Shiva's Mom to video her with Shiva. Much fun was had by all and you can see the love the two share here:

The Red Dog has many more videos for you to see, and hopefully one day soon her parents actually may post them on her blog...what a novel concept! Meanwhile, she is planning a glorious retail experience at Agri Feed and hopes to see her friend Amy there too!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rest in Peace, Sweet Tenny

Yesterday fifteen-year-old Tennyson, one of the sweetest tripawds ever, made his final journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Shiva's Mom was with Tenny and his mom Stephanie at the end, and his passing was very peaceful thanks to their comforting presence and the gentle hands of Dr. Bea Moody. Tenny lived a grand life, touching all those he met with his loving nature and zest for living. He truly exemplified all the best of what a dog can be, and he did all of this on three legs! In fact, he was THE up-close-and-personal three-legged inspiration to the Red Dog as she recovered from her own amputation surgery. While Tenny lost his leg in his first year and grew-up as a tripawd, Shiva had to learn to adapt to this new way of being at age nine...Tenny's continuing effervescent style despite his advanced age acted as a shining beacon of hope to her and her parents. We all are grateful and humbled to have know this most sweet boy. He leaves behind (but not really) his little brother Suttree and his mom Stephanie, one of the all-time most wonderful doggie-mommies we ever have had the pleasure of knowing. Here is a small video tribute of him taken less than three weeks ago. He will be missed.

Good-night, sweet Prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Blog Alert! New Blog Alert!

WoooooHoooooo! The Red Dog is very happy to announce that her new Weim-loving friends in North Carolina have decided to join the blogosphere with an entry here and here. Their hearts bleed "dog-luv" through-and-through, and their efforts on the part of rescues are to be commended. Please join their sites as followers and buy lots of stuff...the Red Dog commands you. WOOF!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Day

Yesterday passed quietly, reverently and with gratitude as we marked three months since Shiva's surgery. Special thanks to all of you who have helped us make the first three months of "bonus time" an incredible and awesome experience. We have memories that will last a lifetime and an extremely happy and spoiled dog to boot. BIG WOOFS to Spirit Jerry, his people and Dr. Pam at Tripawds for both the moral support and nutritional advice as we wade through the mass of information available out there. You guys have paved the way for the rest of us and most certainly ROCK! The same goes for Dr. Mitch and his wonderful staff, Brenda Rasch for the extra-special and good mojo and Wendy Jackson for taking the title of Chief Dream Maker and running with it by sharing her slice of paradise with the rest of the world. This, along with the love and support of family and friends, has changed our lives forever. We, and most importantly the Red Dog, thank you and look forward to many more Happy Days. WOOF!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Special Announcement

Due to an overwhelming case of "you've got to be kidding me!" over this, the Red Dog has taken it upon herself to announce that she is now Supreme Leader and Queen of All Digital Media. Since this is quite an undertaking, she has decided to enlist the help of all of you in order to ensure her success. She thinks two million Twitter followers should do the trick, so get've got some recruiting to do! WOOF!

A Surprise Revealed

After much secrecy (and monumental effort) the Red Dog's people are ready to show you what's been keeping them so busy:

The Red Dog REALLY wants one of these (this one belongs to niece Elizabeth, btw) because they're much more fun and way tastier than pink pigs. Bring one to her now! WOOF!!

Special Report from Red Dog World Headquarters

The Red Dog would like to take a moment to let everyone know that her parents have been very busy and, thus, have been neglecting their blogging duties. This, combined with the Red Dog's new addiction to Twitter, has resulted in the paucity of posts you have seen (or not) over the last week or two. Please note that she will be applying "the Dog Bite Principle" to their rear ends if they do not get back on the blog-wagon soon. Stay tuned here and if you're lucky you might see more than you bargained for...WOOF!