Sunday, February 19, 2012


So, this is getting to be kind of embarrassing...after all, the point of a blog is to keep its followers "in the know" - something Shiva the Red Dog and Company have not done a very good job doing.  Call it being trapped in the winter blahs, doldrums, etc.  Whatever the case, you deserve at least a quick update on all Red Dog-related activities, so here goes...

We'll start with swimming, of course, as it continues to be an important part of her cold weather regimen, both for the physical and emotional benefits.

She also has been busy schooling our newest family members on all the rules associated with living in the Red Dog's domain.  Here she is hanging with "little" Luna, a kitty saved from an almost certain feral existence.  As you can see, she's fitting in (although Shiva does look like a dog who would rather be elsewhere at the moment!).

In addition, we've had the blessing of taking-in an approximately 15 yr-old Beagle named Bailey whose human passed away recently.  Prior to her passing, our dear friend Miss Virginia asked us to care for her beloved pooch and we didn't have the heart to say no.  Here she is in couple of old dog "action" poses:

The biggest surprise for us is how well a crotchety old girl used to living alone has fit in.  We love her!

Finally, a sampling of what we live with on a daily basis. Enjoy!