Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sad, Sad Day

This week the Red Dog had a reminder of the intense emotions that helped start this blog when she found out her long-distance friend Koya passed away in Texas after a traumatic intestinal blockage and unsuccessful (although heroic) surgical attempt to save him. She knows her friends Yukon, Spike and Lexi, as well as her beloved Amy and Steve will miss him terribly. He was a lucky, lucky boy to be a part of such a wonderful pack for the past year.

She sends extra special Red Dog mojo to Yukon, as he had mast cell-removal surgery the next day...thank goodness he's doing well! Be sure to send some good vibes to Amy and Steve...they need them!'s a picture of big Yukie right after he awoke from surgery:

She also sends love to her Golden friend Cooper in Atlanta, who is facing his own cancer battle. While the doctors say his treatment options are limited, his parents Lee and Sarah are doing everything they can to support his sweet and lovable self so that he can stay around for a long while. Be sure to keep them in your prayers. Here's Coop thinking some of those patented "deep thoughts" Goldens are so famous for:

Finally, she sends more of the same to her favorite dock-jumping dog Tiki down in Georgia, who had a growth removed from her jowl on December 10th. The pathology report confirmed cancer, but her mom Leslie reports the veterinarians are confident they got all of it. Here she is toting a lovely parrot...Mmmmmm:

The Red Dog urges you to remember to love the ones you love well and often, because none of us are guaranteed a minute more than the one we are experiencing right now...WOOF!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vernal Equinox

As our fellow dogs and dog walkers know, we are fast approaching the shortest day of the year. This leads us to one unavoidable conclusion: WE NEED MORE DAYLIGHT!! The Red Dog encounters many things on her walks, none of which are good to meet in the dark. These include, but are not limited to, skunks, raccoons, entire flocks of Canadian geese, other dogs and Pink, the feral cat. She thinks, perhaps, that Mr. Man might want to invest in one of those headlamp thingies...or floodlights for the entire neighborhood. That's the only way she sees him getting his rear end out the door before sunrise, and she's got some walking to do! (Feel free to leave suggestions for him in the comments section below)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let it Snow

New Coats for the Boys

Although a nice thought for Snoopy and Mr. Man, a new coat for the Red Dog is NOT in the works. She wouldn't be caught dead in one of those silly things. She does think they look kind of snappy on her men, though. Woof!