Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sadie Update

As mentioned here in March, our dear friend Sadie had surgery to remove her spleen due to what her veterinarians strongly suspected was hemangiosarcoma. An old foe we know all too well, this disease is both common and deadly; HOWEVER, once the good doctors removed her spleen, they discovered the tumor was of an uncommon but altogether benign variety!

Since that time, Sadie the Sunshine Girl has been wiggling and dancing her way back to robust good health. Everyone shared a huge sigh of relief knowing this sweet girl gets to experience yet another spring with her beloved human mom Lisa and canine sister Charlie (or Chuck the Pug as we like to call her).

Sadie doing one of the things she does best.
Thanks to all of you for the thoughts and prayers, as we get the joy of sharing an unexpectedly happy ending. WOOF!!