Saturday, August 31, 2013

Groundbreaking Canine Cancer Study Announced

This exciting announcement from our friends at Morris Animal Foundation has us spinning in circles and barking with joy! For the first time, a large group of single-breed dogs (in this case, 3,000 Golden Retrievers) will be studied over the course of their entire lives in an attempt to unravel some of the mysteries of that insidious and relentless foe.

While we enjoyed almost three-and-a-half years of "Bonus Time" after Shiva's osteosarcoma diagnosis and amputation, we lived in constant fear of its return. While it eventually did, we had far more time than even the most optimistic veterinary minds dared hope...time that - unfortunately - most of our other canine cancer-suffering friends did not have. That's why this study is SO important.

If you happen to have a pedigreed Golden under 2 years years of age, sign up! You'll be doing all of dogdom a favor. Even if you don't, please tell your friends. Odds are, someone they know does.

If you'd like to know more about how we approached Shiva'a battle with osteosarcoma, click here for detailed information on her anti-cancer regimen.