Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kudos to Wendy at the Cape Escape!

The Red Dog hereby proclaims Cape San Blas, Florida to be the Best Vacation Location EVER and Wendy Jackson at the Cape Escape to be the Official Provider of Accommodations and Chief Dream Maker! SUPER BIG WOOFS!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Red Dog is on Twitter!

Check her out at
She's waiting for you...WOOF!

Another Perfect Sunset

The Red Dog and her people enjoy the ending of their latest "best day EVER" at the Cape!

Monday, July 20, 2009

1,000 Words

Special thanks to Don Hicks for the photos. He, his lovely wife Melinda and his two awesome labs Bailey and Hazel added much joy to our trip, that's for sure. Check out his work at

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunset on the Cape

If you've ever been to the beach right after a front moves through, you will understand why we posted this video. The air is moist, but not too warm. The wind is fresh, but not too intense. And most impressively, the colors of the sky are heavenly. This was shot around 8:45 pm this evening and we hope you have at least a taste of the beauty and serenity we've experienced on this all-too-short vacation to Cape San Blas, Florida. We've made memories we'll never forget, met some of the most wonderful people who we now consider friends and given the Red Dog a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy!

Moment of Zen

Shiva and her mom on a rainy beach morning...

A Glorious Time Was Had by All

If you take nothing else from the videos of Shiva's trip to the beach, take this: she had a blast!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Red Dog Surf Safari

Check out the Red Dog as she hits the surf with old and new friends...everyone here is so nice and they all seem to love Shiva. This really is a dog-lover's paradise! The snappy life jacket by Ruff Wear was a fortuitous investment, no?

This cinematic masterpiece captures the Red Dog and her new friends as she gets to live the doggie dream of LEASH-FREE play on the beach. This, of course, never would have happened in a million years if she still had that fourth leg. We may be her slaves but we're not stupid!

Notice her Quixotic quest to stop each wave with a strategically-placed bite...can't wait for the digestive results of all that salt water...that should be fun!

To borrow from a celluloid classic, "Red Dogs love water like a sailor loves rum...why is that, Captain Ron?"
"Nobody knows."

Pink Pig Mothership Discovered!

A peek inside the Red Dog's "vacation day", including a basking Red Dog wallowing in a sea of pork, documentary evidence of the existence of a porcine "mothership" and poor grammar on the part of Mr. Man (note to self: "All is well but life is good", not the other way around). Now we're off to pick-up some lunch and then back to the condo - and the blessed A/C - for a nap!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wiped Out!

Check out the Red Dog as she lays, spent, on the beach after her first three-legged foray into the bath-water-warm surf of the cape...ahhhhh!

The Red Dog Has Landed!

And she is pooped (so are we)! We had a lovely 10 hour drive (which may be a slight overdose of the car ride principle) and now are going to stroll the beach, have a cocktail (two of us, anyway) and sleep for about a day. TTFN!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bye Bye, Sweet Baboo

The Red Dog says "farewell" tonight to her sled-dog FFAD (Friend From A Distance) Elsa, aka "My Sweet Baboo", as she and her parents Bob and Madeline will be moving to Chicago while the Red Dog and her people are at the beach. These are good people (two and four-legged ) and the Windy City is lucky to have them. WOOF!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Good to Miss!

While we are getting ready for bed, the Red Dog insists that we post a lovely little video of her BFF Kate...truly one of the sweetest (and most beautiful) doggies on the planet!

Some Updatey Stuff

The first update is to remind her followers that the Red Dog embarks on her journey here tomorrow and she is SO excited that she most likely won't be able to sleep more than 8 or 9 hours tonight. Whatever will she do? Thank God she can sleep in the car on the ride. All joking aside, this is a much-needed trip both for her and her parents as they have been running pretty much non-stop since before her surgery at the beginning of May. She will, however, insist on Mr. Man updating her adoring public on her whereabouts and activities at least periodically throughout the trip. Perhaps he can squeeze it in between naps!

Another update of some import is the discovery that Ajax (Kitty Snax, King of the Wild Frontier) is not exactly a rocket scientist, as the following video will attest:

Finally, Shiva sincerely wants both to thank you for being her followers and to urge you to begin proselytizing shamelessly on her behalf as she accelerates her quest for global fame. Surely it can't be far behind with the help of all of you. She also has some extra-special woofs for her friends (you KNOW who you are) she sees while on her morning make it that much more fun!

Remember to visit our friends at Tripawds to keeps up with what's new in the three-legged dog world and be sure to check back here over the next few days to check-in with the Red Dog as she makes her way down south to the sandy and salty climes of subtropical Florida...she'll be sure to have enough in the blender for you!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Bravura Performance

The Red Dog wants to send MASSIVE WOOFS out to her favorite "silver man" Yukon (best boy & Top Weim of Aunt Amy and Uncle Steve) as he sailed through his cancer surgery yesterday with flying colors. Even though he's way down there in Texas, the Red Dog knows he can feel her good vibes and positive thoughts. Here's hoping that he heals quickly and that nasty stuff is gone from his body for good!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Day Sunshine!

Although she hasn't posted much lately, the Red Dog has been busy living life as only she can. On this lovely summer day, she (along with Shiva's Mom) took her usual walk along the Tennessee River taking in the rays of the morning sun. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to remember how lucky we are to live in such a profoundly beautiful place. This can be hard for those without opposable thumbs, but we do our best. (We're talking about the pinching ourselves part, in case you're a little slow on the uptake over there.) Rest assured there is more to come as the Red Dog has been busy!