Thursday, July 16, 2009

Red Dog Surf Safari

Check out the Red Dog as she hits the surf with old and new friends...everyone here is so nice and they all seem to love Shiva. This really is a dog-lover's paradise! The snappy life jacket by Ruff Wear was a fortuitous investment, no?

This cinematic masterpiece captures the Red Dog and her new friends as she gets to live the doggie dream of LEASH-FREE play on the beach. This, of course, never would have happened in a million years if she still had that fourth leg. We may be her slaves but we're not stupid!

Notice her Quixotic quest to stop each wave with a strategically-placed bite...can't wait for the digestive results of all that salt water...that should be fun!

To borrow from a celluloid classic, "Red Dogs love water like a sailor loves rum...why is that, Captain Ron?"
"Nobody knows."

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