Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring is Just Around the Corner!

As all of us wait patiently for the joys of Spring, let us enjoy some of the moments we have had during this most long and cold of Winters. First up, take a look at what goes on in the house when Mr. Man is at work. Who knew the sadness that permeated their very beings, the endless days of waiting?

That depressing scene, fortunately, is replaced by one of much exuberance and joy as we journey to "Squeak-town":

Our third installment really deserves its own heading, as it displays the Red Dog running in all her glory, so here goes:

Super Video Displaying the Red Dog's Amazing Ability to Run up a Hill While Simultaneously Both Racing Alongside Katy and Dragging her Dorky Dad Behind Her:

This would be really cool set to the "Chariots of Fire" theme, don't you think?

We hope our sporadic blogging ability hasn't dampened your enthusiasm for all things Red Dog-related, and we promise to continue our haphazard and maddeningly unpredictable style of posting for your amusement and viewing pleasure. WOOF!


  1. It was nice to meet you all today...Shiva is gorgeous and has such good manners! Maybe she can teach our pug a thing or two. :) Also, always nice to meet another blogger.


  2. Shiva the Red Dog was very happy to meet all three of you! Debra and I were quite pleased, as well. :)