Friday, February 4, 2011

Pictures Pictures PICTURES!

Shiva is formally announcing that she dubs Terri Swaggerty official dog picture taker and portrait painter of the Red Dog. She even made her people look pretty awesome, which is difficult when they are so clearly overshadowed by the magnificence that is Her Royal Redness.

Of course, she thinks this is the best one:

She also understands that Katy and Daisy need love, too!


  1. Love it!! One of my favorite families in the whole wide world!! You all look wonderful but of course Red Dog Queen Shiva is the best~
    Hugs dear ones and thanks for sharing these awesome pictures

  2. I think she did a fantastic job! All the pictures are equally amazing. I just love the ones of Daisy, but you tell Red Dog her's was the best :-) We don't want to upset her royal highness.