Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My, How Time Does Fly...

Wow. It seems like only yesterday that we were having the wind knocked out of us by the news that Shiva had metastatic bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and we were facing the very real chance of her swift and certain death. We chose amputation, and she chose to beat the odds.

Now we sit here in awe at what has become her marathon of life, a trip into Bonus Time that we'll not soon forget. Two years ago today she sacrificed her leg for the chance at a few more months of survival. Two years ago today we said our first goodbye, but we've been blessed to know that we've yet to say our last.

We have no explanation as to why Shiva's still here, only the certainty that we don't have all the answers...just the faith that her work here is not yet done, and it's our job to share it with you.

Gratitude. Faith. Love. And a whole lot of the Red Dog.

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