Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the Cape

As many of you know, Shiva the Red Dog made what we thought would be her final pilgrimage to the beach shortly after her amputation surgery two years ago. Instead, it was the first of a string of beach visits to places both old and new. Thanks to excellent care and more than a little luck, she continues to amaze everyone as she thrives in her post-amputation and post-osteosarcoma world.

To celebrate the completion of her second unlikely year of survival, we decided to return to that magical place we call "the Cape." A few quick emails to our old friend Wendy at the Cape Escape, and we were in business. To say we had a blast is an understatement. In addition to Shiva and two other doggie friends, we took three of our family's human little ones for their first look at the white sand and green water of the gulf.

Here's a video that captures just a bit of what was an all-too-short but oh-so-special trip to that wonderful shore:

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