Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent Red Dog Happenings

Although we don't post nearly enough, we continue to document our fun whenever possible. Recent adventures include regular trips to the UTCVM therapy pool, as well as the usual neighborhood stuff.  Here are a couple of pics of Shiva the Red Dog getting her swim on with the help of Mr. Man.

She loves the attention and the water, but - most importantly - her hips love the exercise.  Since beginning regular swim sessions, we've noticed an increase in both her strength and stamina.  Her gait also remains straighter for longer.  At $20 a session, we think it's one of the best deals going.

Shiva also loves to enjoy time out in nature, and the recent warm weather has given her lots of opportunities to do so.  Check her out as chills in some "sweet grass" on a recent sunny morning:

We continue being grateful on a daily basis, as we know most folks who have gone through something similar to what we have no longer get this kind of special time with their beloved pets.  We are blessed to have this bossy creature in our lives, and we appreciate all the kind thoughts, words and prayers we continue to receive from all of you.  Keep checking back, and we'll do our best to post more fun stuff!


  1. Brian thank you for posting this...i was been meaning to ask about the rehab pool- i need to get Chipper in there- blessings and love to you and Debra- i look forward to seeing your mom when she is in town and would be awesome to see you kids too

  2. Looks like you spotted something right at the end of the video Shiva. What was it? Skwirrel? Git 'em!

    Your Dad must be totally psychic because I just looked at your blog earlier today and saw there wasn't anything there for ALL of November! What's up with that? We miss you when you're not here, so crack the whip and tell your Dad we would like more updates OK? ;)

    Enjoy the sunshine pretty girl!