Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aunt Amy Rocks!

Uncle Steve and the kids do too, but we know who the real rocker is down there in Spring, Texas! Our first video documents the initial reaction of her highness, the Red Dog, as well as Katy, Joey and Ajax when the contents of the care package are revealed:

The second captures the joy experienced by Daisy (the Black Dog) and Snoopy when they receive their wonderful squeaker-removal training devices. What fun!!

Still to come are the cats' reactions to their very own pirate ship. Stay tuned!


  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2009

    Okay...super video there people....I am resigning and kneeling to the great Amy as I will NEVER hold a candle to her greatness...I gotta see the Kitty Pirate Ship..I am so sure that Sophie would love it!!! Where can I purchase one?

  2. Man I miss all of you guys! So how long did it take Joey to kill his? 90 seconds? ;-)

    The Kitty Pirate Ship was a Walmart find.

  3. Au contraire, mes both are great in our eyes! And as for the slaughter of innocent toys, Joey currently is the only guilty party...all others still live...and yes, 90 seconds does sound about right.