Monday, June 29, 2009

A Little Bit of Summer of Shiva for You All

Lest you think we've forgotten about all of the Red Dog's followers and fans out there, think again. What follows is evidence of Shiva's aquatic progress (and of Mr. Man's hideous lack of a tan...I mean, really, could a human be any more pale?) as she goes through her paces in Aunt Rita's pool. We are amazed at the seemingly insatiable appetite in cyberspace for a partially-clad Red Dog splashing about like a three-legged (or would it be one-legged?) Esther Williams. Who knew?

Notice how at times she now seems to have a small outboard motor strapped to her backside as she plows through the water. Amazing, no?

The Red Dog also has allowed the broadening of the application of the car ride principle now to include both Katy and Joey in her evening "treatments". This has caused much mirth among neighbors as the human heads in the car now are outnumbered three to two. Snoopy and Daisy continue to be required to have separate appointments, however. This therapy has greatly improved the overall well-being of the canine population in Shiva's "queen-dom" and is fervently recommended to all who share their lives with dogs. Incidentally, proper technique must include very slow speeds (blind, head-below-the-steering-wheel, blue-haired Palm Beach slow) and open windows for maximum sniff-ability and bark-at-everyone-walking-by-on-foot-ability. You will know when you have achieved the optimum dosage levels.

On a more serious note, the Red Dog continues to build her walking and running stamina as she prepares for her trip to doggie beach paradise. She now heads down to the river every morning with Mr. Man, Shiva's Mom, Katy and Joey in tow so she can visualize her open water swimming technique (and sniff the goose poop...yum!) and say 'hi' to any humans lucky enough to cross her path. Both her attitude and fortitude are AWESOME! We count ourselves lucky to know her every day...she is a blessing. Now sit back and enjoy the Summer of Shiva...WOOF!

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  1. Shiva, you are so beautiful in the water, like a dolphin or something! Keep it up girl, we love seeing you live live with so much spirit and gusto!