Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Deep Thoughts (from the Red Dog's desk)

The Red Dog has been thinking a lot lately about the meaning of life (at least according to her) and she thinks people are pretty stupid not to get's so simple that it makes her a little crazy. All they have to do is be nice and live each day like it's their last...after all, it might be. She doesn't understand why they go on power-trips or get all caught-up with those big cars and flashy things because none of that stuff can pet her head like one of her people can. Take a walk along the river in the morning sunshine...stink-roll in the fresh-cut grass on a summer afternoon...lay on the couch next to your favorite person while watching mindless daytime television...splash in the surf at the Cape with the people you love most. These are the things that really matter, the things that make you feel warm on the inside, the things that make you feel joy and love. The Red Dog gets it, so why can't we?

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  1. I totally second the Red Dog!! Excellent post!!!