Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Most Auspicious Day

As the days grow shorter and the world moves into the Red Dog's favorite time of the year, she would like to pause to thank all of her friends and people for the good stuff and love that they all have sent her way. Few days pass by without someone asking about her or sending her their loving thoughts and words. This really gets the Red Dog's juices makes her hop with excitement (watch the videos, you'll see). Right now she is angling for another trip to the beach, and of course her first choice always will be the Cape. This, however, is negotiable as Shiva will go anywhere her people go as long as she's not left behind! She also is pestering Mr. Man to post more of his wonderful videos because that's how the world can see how happy AND magnificent the Red Dog really is. Finally, she thinks she's got this hijacking of Mr. Man's facebook page thing down, so those of her followers who have one too need to send friend requests...she'll make sure they get accepted! WOOF!

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