Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red Dog Family Fun

Family time is the best time for the Red Dog, and today she was graced by a visit from her cousin Desi who gave her the full attention and love she so richly deserves. Shiva is glad she finally visited her because it's not like she's getting any younger here! Woof!

Btw...note the daredevil camera work early in the's Shiva's Mom's first attempt at guerilla filmmaking...leave comments below.


  1. Really great filmmaking Shiva Mom! A little crazy at first, make me kinda dizzy, but otherwise nice job, keep it up :)

    -Rene, Jim, Wyatt & Spirit Jerry

  2. Just what did you run into? Hope you're OK.

    Nice work! I can't believe that's Desi - last time I saw her she was what, 3? OMG!

  3. Next time she might need to wear a crash helmet...woof!