Monday, October 26, 2009

A Wonderful Time

Few words can adequately describe the glory of fall weather in Eastern Tennessee. Between the all-too-frequent raindrops come days of such dazzling and painful beauty that you wish time would stand still and the frozen moment would stretch out to eternity. Yesterday was just such a day as the Red Dog and a few of her friends hung-out in their new fenced front yard while I raked and Shiva's Mom cleaned. No speeches were made, no special events were was an otherwise ordinary day in a supremely extraordinary setting. (Note to self: the surefire recipe to getting distasteful tasks done is equal parts perfect weather and the love of dogs. Many, many dogs.) Now it's back to work with the memories fresh and perfect to carry me on through the week. Think of all we'd miss without dogs.


  1. This brightens my day! Thanks Shiva and her humans : )

  2. Yep, life is pretty boring without our furry friends. Even if we do have a rowdy three legged dawg named Wyatt Ray destroying everything pawsible in our house!

  3. Ms Jenny, it's the least the Red Dog can do. As for you LiveWorkDream, Rome wasn't built in a day, although we're sure Wyatt Ray could knock it down in one!