Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog in CRITICAL Need - Please Help!!

Dog in need - timing is CRITICAL! A friend of mine (Jenny Nelson) is a vet assistant at a clinic in Campbell County, Tennessee, and they recently received ownership of a dog in great need.

Buck is a ~ 1 year-old male boxer with a femoral fracture and a dislocated hip. His owner did not have the funds to fix, so she wanted to have him put-down. Jenny & her co-workers advocated for the owner to transfer ownership to them (after she already had signed the euthanasia authorization) so they could try to find a solution. She consented and told them they could hold-off until 4pm this afternoon, but she does not want Buck to suffer.

He needs either corrective surgery and rehab, or amputation and recovery. He needs someone willing to step-up and take him today, pay for his care, and either adopt him or foster him through his recovery. Jenny will monitor his progress to ensure he receives adequate and immediate care. He is an awesome dog in a desperate situation.

Jenny is the point of contact. Her number is 865-617-3861 and her email is jenny.nelson07@comcast.net
Thank you for anything you can do!


  1. Will they take donations to help him? Sorry I am only getting word about this now, since it is a quarter to 4. :(

  2. i've been emailing jenny and i m begging and pleading with my husband to take him. just got another email from her 20 aft 4 so there may still be time! it's going to be about $800 tho for his amputation she said. i cant get my husband to agree to that :( however i can dontate some then pray others can too!

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  4. Connect with Jenny regarding donations...Shiva's Mom and I are on board to contribute. The big issue really is where to put him...we should be able to raise the money if we tell enough folks about his plight. He's a very sweet boy and we know a lot of dog-lovin' people!