Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on Buck

Buck's surgery is scheduled for this Friday, and the wonderful folks at Harrogate Hospital for Animals are providing surgery and post-op pain meds for only $400!!

Here's the catch: before his adopter (THANKS, AMANDA!) can take him home Saturday, his bill must be paid-in-full by 5pm this Friday.

This means that all of us need to call the clinic at 423-869-3666 and donate using a credit or debit card "for Buck." The clinic will handle the rest. Once they've reached their goal, they will politely decline additional donations and you can save them for the next worthy dog-in-need.

Special super-huge thanks (and woofs) to Tinah for allowing us to use her network and Jenny Nelson for being Buck's advocate. You ladies rock!

Now break-out the plastic and make it happen, people! WOOF!!

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