Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiny Little Update

While we continue the "pins-and-needles, needles-and-pins/waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop" deathwatch, Katy continues to serve up a healthy portion of "I don't give a sh*t, I'm having fun here and I'm not going anywhere until I'm darn good and ready."

So far, the two perspectives are at an impasse and we continue to enjoy her effervescent company. For how long, we have no clue. Just know we love her, she knows all of you love her and we are grateful for each and every extra happy moment we share together. Keep praying, and thanks for all the love!


  1. please continue to give Katy lots of good hugs and love from all of us here at the Willis house. We are so thankful for bonus time!

  2. sending much love to all of you- thanks for the update- special hugs all around ~