Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pink's Progress

Rapidly becoming 'the little kitty that could', Pink is making remarkable progress in his recovery from a nasty URI. The good folks at Boyds Creek Animal Hospital have been showering him with affection, as well as twice-daily doses of fish-flavored antibiotics, producing an amazing transformation.

Just as a reminder, here he is shortly before his capture:

Now check him out a week into his stay at BCAH:

What a difference seven days, some good meds, and lots of hugs and kisses make...way to go, BCAH staff!

Pink is scheduled to be released into foster care on Monday, and we're still keen to find him a forever home. Please share this with everyone you know. We're also down to about $70 in our quest for donations, so thanks for the generous support...we're almost there!

Boyds Creek Animal Hospital will be open at 8am on Monday, and they can be reached at 865-577-2738.

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