Friday, July 23, 2010

Update on Pink

First off, thanks to Mark and Liana for offering a place in their home to foster Pink until permanent placement can be found. You two really are miracles!

Second, thanks to all who have donated thus far. At this point, we only need around another $140 to cover his vet care, and we have until 11 am Monday to do so. Debra and I will absorb any shortfall beyond our current contribution, but we'd love not to have to so we can use the $$ to help the next animal that will inevitably come along. The phone number for Boyds Creek Animal Hospital is 865-577-2738, and just ask them to apply your donation to 'Pink's Bill/Account' under Brian Douglas.

Finally, please keep sharing this with folks so that we can find a permanent home for our little friend.

Thank you!!


  1. Brian, I just called (5:10 PM EDT on 7/23) and made a donation but they said the balance was $225, not $140.


  2. Monique,

    Thanks for the donation. We actually have $80 in cash from neighbors that we will be paying on Monday, so there's the difference. Whatever the case, thank you so much for helping our little friend are AWESOME!