Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is Not a Test

This is not a test of the Red Dog Emergency Broadcast System. This is a real, live situation (not the goofy guy from New Jersey kind of situation, either) whereby Shiva the Red Dog is calling upon all her loyal subjects, followers, and fans to help a cat in need. Some of you may remember "Pink" from our recent Hole Patrol series, but here's a photo to refresh your memory:

Always elusive, Pink has lived in the neighborhood for several years, working the populace for regular meals and little else.

Recently, he began frequenting a neighbor's house in obvious distress:

Fortunately, he allowed us to trap him and take him to the vet for an exam. Along the way, we discovered him to be extremely sweet and affectionate, something not before seen. Upon examination, two issues became clear:

1. He has a treatable Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) and is now in quarantine on 10 days of antibiotics;
2. He is Feline Leukemia positive.

Because he seems strong and certainly very nice, we and the veterinary staff think he deserves a fighting chance. Due to #2, we are asking for the following:

1. Money. Sweet, sweet money, to be paid to Boyds Creek Animal Hospital as part of his quarantine and care. We estimate the total to be in the $300 range, and have already raised $80 among neighbors, so every little bit helps. Please call 865-577-2738 and tell them you'd like to help with 'Pink's Bill' under Brian Douglas' account.
2. Either foster or permanent placement, because a vet at UT has a drug (approved overseas) that is being tested here for its immune-boosting properties. They already have one FeLeuk positive cat on it, with promising results. This will begin after his 10-day stay at BCAH is over. He will need to be an indoor-only cat with no other cats, or in a home with other FeLeuk positive cats. If this interests you, please leave a comment below with your email address.

We hope to have a photo soon showing the progress he's made in the five days he's been in the expert care of the Boyds Creek staff. We'll update the blog when that happens.

This is a most unusual scenario, and not one we've entered into lightly. The normal course with ill FeLeuk & FIV positive cats is euthanasia, but given Pink's disposition and attitude, both veterinarians we've consulted think he should have an opportunity at some positive living in the right environment. We will be contacting known FeLeuk 'hospice' homes, as well, as some exist in the area. Again, thank you for all you do, and thank you for helping the Red Dog look after her not-so-feral friend.


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    where do I send the check?

  2. It'll be after the first of the month, but I'd be happy to send what I can at that time. Please let me know where to send the $$.

  3. Call Boyds Creek Animal Hospital at 865-577-2738, and pay using your debit or credit card. Ask them to apply it to 'Pink's Account' under Brian Douglas. For snail mail or paypal options, email me at and I can provide that info to you.

  4. It's not much, but I sent a little. Best wishes to Pink!!

  5. the poor baby, I wish I could take him but I have two cat of my own. Money from us is sent your way!! Hope he gets better!!