Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Fundraiser for Little Lucy

Due to Shiva's passing and Snoopy's illness, the following notice was put on the back burner.  Now, if you have a moment, please read it, and - if you can spare a few bucks - please help.  Thanks!

Recently we were made aware of a terrible situation and were asked to help.  Rather than say no, Shiva's Mom and I decided to do what we could.  Here's the story (we've omitted the last names of all the rescue folks to protect their privacy):

Little Lucy is a West Highland Terrier (Westie) who spent her first 13 years as an indoor city dog with her dad and mom in Virginia.  A few months ago, dad died after a long battle with cancer.  This precipitated extreme health issues for mom, and the both of them (along with Lucy's doggie little sister) moved to be closer to a human sister in Arkansas.  Through no fault of Lucy's, the new living situation for her mom didn't allow for her and she ended up on a tie-out in a field.  In Arkansas.  In the summer.  When we were told about the situation, we also were asked if we could help coordinate Lucy's move to a better place.

Poor Lucy being rescued.  Note her black skin!
Thanks to our friend David connecting us to Westie rescuers Patsy and Diane, within two days Lucy made the trip (free of charge and with a lot of TLC!) from Arkansas, via Memphis and Nashville, to a temporary foster home here in Knoxville.
Two of the wonderful ladies who rescued and transported Lucy!!
Once in Knoxville, Patsy arranged for treatment of Lucy's terrible sunburn and preexisting skin condition.  She had her bathed and groomed, her horribly overgrown nails trimmed and bought her pajamas to protect her from the sun.

Lucy in Patsy's car waiting to meets us, only 2 days(!) after rescue!
Although her first foster home was short-term, it gave us time to arrange for her to stay with our good friends at Boyds Creek Animal Hospital for some more TLC while we searched for a longer-term foster or forever home.  (Special thanks to dog-lover and friend Dr. Chitwood for underwriting Lucy's care while at BCAH!)

After a couple weeks of spoiling by Dr. Brandi and the girls, Lucy was taken-in by a wonderful Westie lover in the Oak Ridge area named Kaye.  Kaye is retired with three terriers of her own (one Westie and two Yorkies) and has worked with the breed for decades.  At this point (about a month into it), Lucy seems to be adjusting quite nicely to her new digs.  In fact, she decided to assume the role of "top dog" while no one was looking!

Lucy 30 minutes into her stay at Kaye's.
This brings us to the favor we want to do for Kaye:  While the love she has for dogs is limitless, the money isn't.  Like so many retired folks, Kaye is on a fixed income.  She's comfortable and able to care for the needs of her now 4 pets, but we know Kaye will need to fund ongoing intensive care for Lucy's skin condition.  To help with that, we are asking all our friends out there to consider making a small donation of $5, $10 or $20 directly to the veterinary clinic so that it won't be a financial burden on Kaye.   

Simply call Jackson Square Animal Clinic in Oak Ridge, TN at 865-483-5994.  Tell them you want to make a contribution to the "Wimberly, Lucy Rescue" account.  If you'd rather send a check, call the clinic for details.

Although your donation is not tax deductible, you can be secure in the knowledge it will be going directly for the care of one of the sweetest little dogs to escape the fires of hell/Arkansas that you've ever seen!

Please post a comment or send us an email once you donate so we can keep track of who to thank!!!


  1. Lucy, I love you and will do my best to help you! I'm going to contact my friends and have them send money to the vet. I am so glad you have a wonderful, loving home and knowledgeable foster mom. Kaye, thank you for taking Lucy into your heart and home. I know how expensive this treatment can be. Help is on the way!!

  2. The above comment is from Patsy, Knoxville, TN!

  3. Mailing address of the clinic:
    Jackson Square Animal Clinic
    201 W. Tyrone Road
    Oak Ridge, TN 37830

    Notate on your check: Wimberly, Lucy Rescue