Monday, July 23, 2012

Reminder of Why We're Here

Lest we forget - amidst all the sadness - why we are here in the first place, allow us to remind ourselves (and you) what an awesome, irrepressible spirit Shiva was, and continues to be.  Even just a few short weeks after her osteosarcoma diagnosis and amputation, she blazed around the pool like she had an Evinrude strapped to her tail.  Those who saw her recently will be amazed at how robust and powerful she was back spite of her new limitations.  Although eventually slowed by arthritis, cancer and age, Shiva lived each day in the same manner...even if her body was no longer able to perform what her spirit wanted.

Remember this:  She had more than 3 good years beyond that sunny day.  Her cancer wasn't a death sentence, it was an opportunity to live each day to the fullest.  She lived - and ultimately died - that way.  Enjoy!

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