Saturday, July 21, 2012


After overdoing it and getting a bit achy thanks to a combination swimming expedition/spaghetti dinner/little girl slumber party, the Red Dog visited her favorite Witch Doctor, Dr. Cheryl, along with Voodoo Priestess-in-Training, Soon-to-be-Dr. Caroline (Class of 2013) at the UT Vet School for some acupuncture and cold laser treatments.

Thanks to the relatively mild weather, we were able to entertain our friends in the back of Shiva's royal coach, so as to avoid her very own special brand of canine "white coat" hypertension.

As you see here, Shiva is relaxed and enjoying Soon-to-be-Dr. Caroline's expert ministrations.  Tune-in again soon for more updates on the Red Dog's summer.  WOOF!

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