Monday, January 17, 2011


The Red Dog is curious. She wants to know what special ingredients she needs to add to this blog to gain more comments and more followers. While she adores - and frankly expects - the adulation and attention showered on her by her loyal followers, she wants her experiences and knowledge to be of help to others who have to walk her shoes. Please let her know what your suggestions are, as she is never too old to learn. Thanks, and WOOF!


  1. Well Red Dog and Mr. Man, I'm going to have to toot our own horn here and say that the way you can make a HUGE impact so others can learn from your stories is to import your blog into a Tripawds dog blog.

    It's really nothing too difficult and we get hundreds of readers every day learning through others experiences, following along with their adventures, and celebrating life.

    Plus, you even get a "" domain. Isn't that cool???

    We still love you even if you don't come on over but if you do, we'd be honored!

  2. I would like to see post about Shiva and her siblings' favorite things - their favorite treats, food, toys, activities. I know you do this often for Shiva (this is the red dog blog after all) but how about Daisy? What's her favorite treat? And Snoopy? And don't forget the kitties!

  3. LiveWorkDream - Please send us an inbox via tripawds (Mr. Man) or twitter (@shivathereddog) to discuss your idea further. We have some ideas of our own that might create some really cool synergy...we're pumped!