Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Relief/Oh, Happy Day (Reprise)

Yesterday Shiva and Katy visited with a man they have mixed and complicated feelings toward: their surgeon Dr. Mitch. This stems from all the mixed messages they receive at his clinic...a place full of sharp and pointy objects, kind and loving staff and wonderful people who remove your legs and internal organs. They really want to love him, but they're scared to commit. Fortunately for them, this was only a follow-up visit to have Katy's staples removed and Shiva's incision checked. Both, of course, received clean bills of health and now are allowed to return to taking short walks.

This they did this morning, and our house is once again quiet and contented. We expect Shiva to be back to her irrepressible and irascible self soon, and gentle Katy gets to return to a new normal at her own leisurely pace. Thanks for everyone's thoughts, prayers and good wishes, and we'll keep you updated with their progress. Extra special thanks to Dr. Mitch and his entire staff for the awesome and expert care...we've experienced firsthand the love all of you put into your work!

Also, expect to see more posts sharing all that we've learned about canine cancer and post-surgical care, and please feel free to share your stories, comments and questions. Thank you!!

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