Thursday, January 6, 2011

Evidence of Recovery in the Midwinter Sun

First off, thanks to everyone for the resounding words of support for us and our pups...we needed it...thank you! Secondly, we wanted to post an update of Shiva and Katy in today's beautiful sunshine (in contrast to last night's freak snowstorm) showing you how well they're doing.

Because of Dr. Mitch's strict instructions to keep Shiva off her foot as much as possible and from his staff to keep the foot clean and dry, we've been challenged to overcome the muck that currently passes for our front yard. We tried really hard to follow the staff's suggestion to put a baggie over her foot, but that makes it impossible for her to walk due to its slick nature, the icy snow-covered ground and her reliance on the foot for balance and traction.

After several hilariously painful attempts at creating and attaching ACE bandage/plastic baggie/double sock/duct tape hybrid boots last night and this morning, we decided to cut the crap and get serious about this stuff. Our solution? A visit to the Ruff Wear section at our local Mast General Store. The result? The purchase of these bad boys:

Although we only needed one, we bought the set of four so she could wear three and keep a spare. Shiva wasn't consulted and was none too sure about having boots on all three of her feet simultaneously, but she was agreeable to wearing one on her all-important front foot. Of course, now she wants to wear it in the house!

Enjoy the sunshine and pawsitive vibes...we sure did. Special big woofs to Ruff guys are the greatest!

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  1. Yay Shiva and Katy!!! Both look great!!! Love to all!