Monday, January 24, 2011

What Daisy Loves...Redux

Oh, Skunky Brewster, how I do loathe thee. While sweet Daisy dearly loves to bark at your black-and-white striped self as you strut by on the other side of the fence, all the rest of the unfortunate residents of our house wish you would just go away. Your essence and aroma last for days, inhabiting every last crevice of our poor noses and home...reminding us constantly of your blithe unconcern with the plight of your foes.

Snoopy and I are going to resort to peeing around the entrance of your den, thanks to the advice of our outdoorsy friend Hound Dog. (Both his advice and his name are SO not a joke) Well, maybe we'll just bottle some and pour it instead. Please understand that these words are serving notice of your imminent eviction, though we swear no harm will come to you.

Don't go away mad, just please please PLEASE go away!

1 comment:

  1. hey Shiva and Daisy i just read that if you put cat litter box "stuff" (as in used kitty litter) in the den and entrance and exit of dens of skins they leave :>>>> good luck!
    Miss Aggy Kendrick with an assist from her mama Chery