Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Daisy Loves...

Thanks to our friend Amy, we are here today to discuss some of the things most precious and dear to Daisy the Black Dog's heart.

The first is probably the most important, and that is a good ball wedged between her jaws. She likes to bark while she has it there, and she wishes everyone could experience how it feels. It's like a pony head toss/sneeze/bark combination that vibrates all through your body. It feels great!

Sometimes this works up a thirst, which requires a cold Frosty Paw to cool her pipes. She's especially relieved that they now come in edible cups so Shiva's Mom doesn't have to chase her around the yard anymore screaming "DON'T EAT THAT CUP DAISY...DROP IT...NONONO!!!!!"

She also likes people to admire her broad, flat back and what a good sitter she is, and she also likes folks to see her "scuttle" on her butt for them. This is a combination of sitting, scooting and begging to be petted for being such a good girl.

Her favorite nickname is "Daisy Dirtnose." She got this from Mr. Man thanks to her love of digging up canna lily roots in their garden. The first time she did this, her parents had something called a "heart attack" until they found out they weren't bad for the Black Dog's tummy. She already knew this, but they were just making sure. She'll post again when she thinks of more.

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