Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chemo Update

While the Red Dog has fared better than most throughout this process, she safely can say that chemo sucks. Not in the galactic, toilet-hugging, all-encompassing suck that comes from forgetting that putting ice cubes in your bottled water while in Mexico might be defeating the purpose; rather, it's the subtle, low-grade suck that drains your energy, turns the sky a little gray and makes you look forward to sleep because tomorrow has to be better. She has had no gastrointestinal distress or other obvious symptoms of side effects, but she has been "blah" and low in energy. Fortunately, this generally lasts only a couple of days in our four-legged friends, so she should be back in full fighting-trim by the weekend.

The Red Dog also wants to thank her Auntie Monique in Atlanta for being so kind to her and her people. There are no words (well, she IS a dog after all) to describe the gratitude all of us feel for the sweetness and consideration she has shown. This is angel stuff, and she gets a big WOOF from the entire Red Dog family!

1 comment:

  1. Auntie Monique is definitely no angel ;-) but very happy to help her favorite furry niece (don't tell Katy and Daisy) in any way she can. Big hugs to the Red Dog!