Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Two Cents

While the Red Dog may be bored, we are nervous and apprehensive as we undergo this long and arduous process. Although Shiva is happy to be home (she rested comfortably all night), we can tell she has moments of being confused and frustrated. Thank God dogs live in the moment or she might be as mental as us! Fortunately, her smile returns often, along with tail wags and the "twitchy-butt". Anyway, we expect slow, daily improvement as she recovers from surgery and acclimates to her new existence. She will return to the clinic Friday for removal of her Stryker Pain Pump and her bandages. At that point, her surgery site will be examined and she will be reweighed (did we mention that the Red Dog may be a touch overweight?). In two weeks, she will have staples and sutures removed and should be given a bit more latitude regarding activity restrictions. Full release, however, will not be granted until six weeks post-op. Please pray for us...we'll need it!

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