Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friends and Neighbors

Today the Red Dog is feeling even better, so she took Mr. Man for a drag down the hill to the back of Margaret's yard in search of you-know-who. Well, fortunately for our unnamed squirrel friend, he was not to be found and the Red Dog took a big...(ahem)...instead. After Mr. Man performed his act of civic servitude, she took him for an even more impressive drag back up the hill. The Red Dog then rested before her neighbor (and loyal follower) Leila stopped-by with cookies (made of chocolate) for the people. The Red Dog would like to explain to her friend Leila exactly how this hierarchy-of-being-think works...first, give unto the Red Dog that which is hers; then, if anything is left, everyone else may share the crumbs. Shiva suggests that she might want to try this cookie thing again with the proper ingredients! (Mr. Man would like to interrupt to tell Leila not to pay attention to the ranting of a three-legged dog and that the cookies are awesome!) Bah! If the Red Dog isn't happy, then nothing else matters, people. Feed the Red Dog, then everything else in your lives will fall into place.

Mr. Man would like to take this opportunity to tell Leila that the Red Dog already is spoiled beyond all recognition and that the chocolate and ginger people-centric cookies are wonderful and greatly appreciated. He wants to assure her that the Red Dog is in no way being neglected and both he and Shiva's Mom thank her very much (and she is welcome to make them more yummy stuff in the future!). They love having a good neighbor like her! He also thinks the celebrity status may be going to the Red Dog's head.

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