Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Favorite People

The Red Dog would like to announce the addition of the following to her "Roster of Favorite People": 1) Dr. Mitch Rosenzweig, DVM and his entire staff at Veterinary Surgical Services in Knoxville and 2) Brenda Rasch, PT, PC, physical therapist and Healing Touch practitioner extraordinaire!

Dr. Mitch and his staff were compassionate and highly professional in their dealings both with Shiva and her people, and her condition was excellent when we picked her up yesterday. No question has been treated as unimportant and they have given us consistent and honest advice throughout the process. We give them three paws up (you know why we can't give them four)!

Brenda has provided a wonderful complementary approach as the Red Dog begins her healing process, including being there with her right after surgery (thanks Dr. Mitch!). Healing Touch can aid in post-anesthesia recovery and surgical site healing, and the physical therapy balance exercises help develop her coordination as a tripod. The Red Dog truly is humbled by the care all of the folks mentioned above have given her.

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