Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick Update from the Red Dog

As the Red Dog has reported previously, chemotherapy is not a particularly uplifting experience; however, she is feeling much more like herself over the last 24 hours. Her people have presented her with several new food options to try (she picked this and this so far) and have religiously applied the car ride principle with dramatic results. Her mood has lifted and a certain biologic function is returning to normal...mind you, it wasn't messy or anything like some other chemo side effects, it was more along the lines of non-existent for the first day or two. Happily, all is moving smoothly, if you get the Red Dog's drift. The Red Dog also is acting more like her old energetic self. In anticipation of the approaching tsunami of Red Dog-ness that has been normal day-to-day life prior to this cancer episode, Mr. Man has ordered this for her. Should be fun!

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