Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun Fun Fun!

First of all, special thanks must go out to the following Red Dog peeps: Dr. Brian Rutherford and his veterinary technician (and wife!) Anna from Dr. Mitch's clinic who administered Shiva's first chemotherapy treatment today. They both are knowledgeable, patient and very kind. In addition, Brenda Rasch was there (as always) to instill calm and healing in the Red Dog. All of you helped to make it a very non-threatening and positive experience. BIG WOOF!

In addition, as part of her post-chemo "therapy", the Red Dog will be visiting one (ok, two) of her favorite places in the next few days. The first is Knoxville's Market Square Mall, a place where beautiful people such as the Red Dog can go to see (and sniff) one another in a lovely outdoor setting (and maybe try to sneak a bite of Tomato Head pizza!!) . The second is Mast General Store, the most dog and people-friendly retail experience the Red Dog has ever seen! She's especially interested in their wonderful selection of doggie supplies! Maybe they'll have a vest she can try. The Red Dog also appreciates the proper adoration accorded her by the store staff. They are most delicious!

Finally, thanks to all of you for being so supportive to the Red Dog and her people. Although she gets to see many of you on a regular basis, those distant friends mean just as much to the Red Dog. Here's to many more fun times with all of you!

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