Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visitors...We Have Visitors!!

The Red Dog is feeling very full of herself these days as she has been visited by a growing number of loyal followers. Of course she expects to see her Uncle Stephen on a regular basis, but still he deserves a "WOOF-out". (Get it? Woof-out? Like shout-out? Ooooh the Red Dog is funny!) Next came her new best friends JoAnn and Mary. She was happy to see them both times they came by and she hopes they continue to torture her mom and love the Red Dog quite often. Today was very exciting as she was visited by her first celebrity followers Sara and Corey. While the uninformed may ask "Who are Sara and Corey?", the animal lovers out there will least the Red Dog thinks so, and if you don't, you should! They are Mr. Man's heroes and inspiration to many in our area, as they have created wonderful things like this, this and this! They loved the Red Dog, by the way.

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